Klug Studio Testimonials

The following students are currently enrolled at Indiana University in my studio, and they would be pleased to communicate directly with anyone who wished to contact them.  Feel free to inquire about the studio structure, learning environment and the interaction between members of the “studio family.”

Erik Franklin (2nd year MM) (edfrankl@indiana.edu):

“—Beautiful tone. Consistency. Ease.  If that’s what you are looking for
in your clarinet playing, look to study with Professor Klug.  Playing
becomes easier, satisfying, and more musical.  Professor Klug is a
wonderful teacher, diagnosing issues and prescribing a method to improving
quickly and permanently.  I came to study with Professor Klug for this
reason, but I stayed because it’s fun, too.  Being in the studio is
intense, with high expectations and a steep learning curve.  The atmosphere
is also friendly, even familial between the students.  Working together and
sharing the learning experience coupled with a healthy dose of friendly
competition makes playing here exciting and enjoyable.  If you want to get
serious about playing clarinet–and playing it well–Prof. Klug’s studio is
the way to go!—”

Francisco Brunner (sophomore, BM) (fbrunner@indiana.edu):

“I was very motivated to study with this great master of the clarinet, well
known in South America and around the world (I am from Chile).
He pushed me and motivated me a lot, making my clarinet playing something I
wouldn’t been able to achieve anywhere else in the world.
He is very open to new musical ideas and encourages you to form your own
ideas, which will help you to develop a creative musical sense.
Prof. Klug is very passionate about teaching , therefore he expects
students to be very committed with clarinet and music.
He will not only take care of you musically but also personally, which will
lead you to develop a great friendship with him.
The studio has a world-class level which will inspire you to grow even more
outside the private lesson.
He also encourages his students to create a friendly and respectful
environment among them, which is something unseen in other schools.
If you are very serious about learning and working very hard, I truly
recommend you to study with Prof. Klug.”


The following testimonials are from past students who are forging significant performance and pedagogical careers for themselves:

Dr. Nicholas del Grazia, Professor of Clarinet, Arkansas Tech University, Russellville

“I came to  study with Howard Klug as a doctoral student, having
already studied with many excellent teachers in excellent music
schools, being already familiar with much of the standard repertoire
for the instrument, and having already spent a few years in the music
profession.  Within a few short weeks, however, I realized that never
before had I encountered a teacher who had such a clear and thorough
understanding of how to actually play the clarinet – real, usable
information about the embouchure, breathing and fingers which went far
above and beyond the “conventional wisdom” of clarinet technique.  I
suddenly realized that what I and everyone else had assumed were
simply limitations of the clarinet as an instrument (or the fault of
the reed!) were actually the result of imperfections in my own
technique, and that here was a teacher who knew exactly what was
happening when I played, and precisely how to fix it. Studying with
Howard Klug forever changed my perception of what was possible on the
clarinet, particularly in terms of beauty and evenness of sound and
control of registers. He demanded from me a higher level of perfection
than I had ever thought could be attained and, moreover, is a player
who regularly demonstrates this level of artistry both on the concert
platform and in actual lessons.  As an older student, he usually made
me feel free to express my own ideas regarding interpretation, since
what I gained from three years in his studio was finally the ability
to make any number of interpretive decisions without ever being
hampered by limitations of technique.  Studying with Howard Klug gave
me the freedom to play music which comes from a complete understanding
of and control over one’s instrument, and for that I will always be

Nicholas del Grazia, DM (2000-2004)


Dr. Kevin Murphy, Head of Woodwinds, Wells Cathedral School, UK

“Howard Klug is that rarest of pedagogues:  a virtuoso performer who dedicates himself as much to his teaching as his own playing.   He is a tireless professional who gives his all in every facet of his engagement with music and with students.

This balance is reflected in his approach to his teaching.  He is demanding and caring in equal measure.  A student who has genuine desire and curiosity will thrive with Howard and discover they are better than they thought they could be.  He will inspire and challenge simultaneously.

Howard teaches his students not just how to get the most of their talent as performers, as demonstrated by the enviable success of many of his students,  but also how to teach.  Pedagogy is high on the agenda and graduates from his studio embark on their career with a big leg up on others hoping to teach the clarinet.  He will instil not just the ability to absorb and pass on the fundamentals but also a professional approach to playing and teaching that will last a lifetime.

I have been privileged in my career to teach some of Europe’s finest young players in a specialist school for gifted young musicians.  There is never a day that goes by that I do not acknowledge the debt I owe to Howard for the legacy of his teaching, caring and professionalism.  There is no question he is among the finest teachers anywhere in the world.”

Kevin Murphy, DMA (1984-1988)


Dr. David Shea, Professor of Clarinet, Texas Tech University, Lubbock

“Mr. Klug is one of the great teachers of our time.  Even after decades as a
master teacher and as a performing artist, he still has the drive and
passion to excel and push the boundaries of our craft.  Those of us who are
former students will always be his students, because we continue to learn
from him long after our studies are completed, plus he won’t slow down and
give us a chance to catch up.

Mr. Klug is a demanding teacher who only accepts those who wish to be great
clarinet players and teachers.  If one is motivated, works hard and
produces, one will receive an experience that will be sincerely cherished
throughout an entire career.  During my five years of study with him, I felt
that I left every lesson feeling like I could do anything.  A few days later
in the practice room I would usually come crashing back to my reality, only
to be lifted up again at my next lesson.  It was truly an amazing
experience.  Now ten years later, I am constantly amazed how each new
insight and revelation I seemingly discover on my own, can in retrospect, be
traced back to my studies with Mr. Klug.  This is a testament to the depth
of knowledge students receive while being in his studio.  One spends a
lifetime discovering and re-discovering the full meaning of this experience
which is something truly remarkable.  I am truly grateful for my having the
opportunity to study with him and for the continued support he has given me
throughout the years as I build my career.  Thank you Mr. Klug!!”

David Shea, DM (1992-1996)